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Key Laboratory of Port, Waterway and Sedimentation Engineering of Ministry of Transport
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R&D Center of Hydro-Power Engineering Safety and Environmental Technology of NEA
Research Center on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering of MWR
Research Center on New Materials in Hydraulic Structures of MWR
Research Center on Hydrology and Water Resources Monitoring of MWR
Research Center on Rural Hydropower of MWR
  News & Events  
Two Delegations with Shanghai-Nantong Yangtze River Bridge Constr...
The meetingOn May 13, 2017, two delegations headed by ZHANG Guizhong, Executive Deputy Commander of Shanghai-Nantong Yangtze River Bridge Construction Headquarters, and DING Junhua, DDG of Jiangsu ...
HRC Sets up Technical Transfer, Research and Training Center on C...
On May 12, 2017, the inauguration ceremony of Technical Transfer, Research and Training Center on Clean Energy and Rural Electrification for Africa was held in Addis Ababa Science and Technology Un...
HRC Attends the 6th World Hydropower Congress Held in Africa
From May 9th to 11th, 2017, Dr. XU Jincai, Director General (DG) of Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydro Power (HRC) and NHRI Department of Rural Eclectrification, and Mr. LIN Ning, Division Ch...
 Two Delegations with Shanghai-Nantong Yangtze River Bridge Constr...2017-05-23
 HRC Sets up Technical Transfer, Research and Training Center on C...2017-05-18
 HRC Attends the 6th World Hydropower Congress Held in Africa2017-05-17
 2017 Seminar on Electrification Mode Based on Clean Energy for Co...2017-05-15
 A Delegation Led by Chairman of Chinese Society of Oceanography V...2017-05-11
 The 11th Youth Forum Held at NHRI2017-05-11
 Prof. Melching from US Marquette University Visits NHRI2017-05-11
 DG of Tibet Department of Water Resources Visits NHRI2017-05-09
 Technical Training of Water Project Quality Inspection Held for N...2017-05-09
 A Delegation from Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland...2017-05-08
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  Research & Cooperation  
 MWR Public-Good Research Project “Key Technology of Early Warning...2017-05-12
 MWR Public-Good Research Project “Research on Complete Set of Tec...2017-05-12
 DSMC Experts Attend an International Workshop on Dam Safety and D...2017-05-09
 Key Techniques and Results Application of Basic Survey of Rivers ...2017-05-03
 Research and Application of Key Technology of Reservoir Dam Safet...2017-05-02
 Project of Simulation of Water-Sediment-Salinity Transport in the...2017-05-02
 NHRI Wins Bidding of Red Flag Irrigation Canal Safety Assessment2017-04-27
 A Breakthrough Made in Pile Pulling of Rail Transit Engineering i...2017-04-19
 Findings of Wave-Tide-Sediment Physical Modelling for Navigation ...2017-03-21
 MWR Standard Guidelines on Dam Safety Evaluation Issued2017-01-22
 NHRI Prof. HU Shaowei Wins the Second Prize of 2016 National Awar...2017-01-12
 Field Hydrological Observation Carried on in Bangladesh2017-01-11
 MWR Public-Good Research Project “Quantitative Description and Di...2016-12-09
 MWR Public-Good Research Project “River Function Zoning Method an...2016-12-09
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