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Research Center on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering of MWR
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Research Center on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering of MWR
Research Center on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering of MWR

 Based on Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, the Research Center on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering was established in April 2006 after the approval by the Ministry of Water Resources.
Director responsibility system is adopted in the Center under the leadership of Management Committee. There are 4 divisions in the Center, i.e. Management Division, Division of Strategic Water Issues and Water Safety, Application and Development Division of Hydro-Informatics System and Technology, and Division of Technical Exchange and Training. The Management Committee is the highest decision-making body of the Center with member organizations of Bureau of Hydrology and Department of Water Resources Management of the Ministry of Water Resources, Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, Research Center of Policy and Technology of the State Council’s Office of South-to-North Water Diversion Engineering Construction Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Water Resources and Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute.
An operational mechanism of “Opening-up, Mobility, Coalition and Competition” is advocated in the Center. Fully taking the advantages of Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute in hydrology and water resources, an open platform and a research team have gradually come into being through the establishment of mobile posts and open research funds, joint researches, and provision of external services and personnel training in order to promote the technology development and improve the application technical findings in the fields of hydrology and water resources.
Research Missions:
◆ To provide decision-making basis for national economic and social development;

◆ To undertake the relevant key researches of the important national hydraulic engineering construction, planning, management and operation;
◆ To enhance the fundamental applied researches of hydrology with the help of new observation means and technology;

◆ To enhance the applied researches of water resources development, utilization and protection with the help of interdisciplinary research means;
◆ To conduct applied studies on water-sediment correlation and hydro-environment in river basins;

◆ To undertake scientific researches of basin and regional hydrology and water resources in order to reinforce the technological finding transformation, popularization and application;
◆ To develop the international cooperation in the fields of hydrology and water resources;
◆ To educate senior professionals of hydrology and water resources.

Areas of Interest:
Study of fundamental hydrological theory and application; Study of theory, technology and macro-strategy of sustainable utilization of water resources; Study of hydro-environment and hydro-ecology; Applied study of informatics technology of hydrology and water resources and development of hydro-informatics system; Study of key technology and water-sediment correlation between hydraulic engineering and river basins;
Consultancy, training, exchanges and services of hydrology, water resources and hydro-informatics technology.

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