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The First Announcement of International Symposium on Climate Change and Water
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The First Announcement of International Symposium on Climate Change and Water


April 20-21, 2011





1.     Background


Global warming caused by increasing atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and other trace gases has become evident. A broad consensus has concluded that the earth surface air temperature increased by about 0.74 during 1905~2005, global temperature increases are likely to persist in the 21st century and will probably be accompanied by changes in precipitation. Global warming is likely to change precipitation patterns and probably raise the frequency of extreme events; it is further expected to affect many sectors of natural environment and human endeavor. Water is considered to be the most critical sector associated with climate change impacts. Climate change and its increased variability is expected to alter timing and magnitude of runoff, and consequently has significant implication for the existing water resources system as well as for future water resources planning and management. Facing appealing increasing challenges caused by evident climate change impacts on water, sharing knowledge and ideas to deal with its impacts, adaptation and vulnerability becomes an urgent need. As an utmost global environmental issue, no institution or country can face the challenges alone. Thus, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI),   together with China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR), Hohai University (HHU), Beijing Normal University (BNU) Hydrology bureau of Ministry of Water Resources, Institute of  Atmospheric Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Committee of International Association of Hydrology Science, State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering, will organize International Symposium on Climate Change and Water on April 20-21, 2011, Nanjing, China, which will focus on climate change and water, and bring excellent international scientists, experts and stakeholders together to contribute to further understanding climate change and water issues and finding means to cope with those issues in a sustainable and adaptive way.



2.     Main Topics


Main topics of the International Symposium on Climate Change and Water include:


      Environmental processes and projection of climate change scenarios;


      Assessment methodology and tools of climate change impacts;


      Modeling technology of river basin hydrology and application in poorly gauged areas;


      Sustainable utilization and integrated management of water resources;


      Extreme climate events, flood and draught disasters;


      Key technology for flood control and draught mitigation;


      Security of water control projects under global warming;


      Climate change and eco-water environment;


      Strategy, policy and countermeasures of climate change adaptation; and


      Low-carbon based technology for water resources development, etc.



3.     Call for Abstracts


The Local Organizing Committee warmly invites you to submit abstracts and papers, and deliver oral presentations or posters for the International Symposium on Climate Change and Water. Individuals wishing to participate are invited to prepare an abstract not exceeding 500 words (in English), including title, name of author, institution, country, mail address and email address. Papers are encouraged in all but not limited to the above mentioned subject areas.


The deadline for abstract submission is September 30, 2010. Please submit your Word abstract electronically to Dr. Guoqing Wang (,, Dr. Cuishan Liu ( ), and Dr. Ruimin He (, All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.


Authors will be notified of the preliminary acceptance of their abstracts, and will be provided with detailed instructions for the preparation of papers or posters by November 31, 2010.







1 会议背景




2 会议主题




l         环境过程与气候变化情景预测


l         气候变化影响评价方法与工具


l         流域水文建模技术及其在资料短缺地区的应用


l         水资源可持续利用与一体化管理


l         极端气候事件:洪水与干旱灾害


l         防洪减灾关键技术


l         全球变暖背景下的水工程安全


l         气候变化与生态水环境


l         气候变化适应战略、政策与对策以及低碳的水资源开发技术等


3 会议时间和地点





















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