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 Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering(CJGE)(, published since 1979,is the most influential journal in the field of geotechnical engineering(GE) in China. CJGE is sponsored by six engineering societies of China, which are Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, China Civil Engineering Society, The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, The Architectural Society of China, Chinese Society of Hydroelectric Engineering and Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering. It is edited and published by Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute. The Editorial Board of CJGE is elected by the above-mentioned six societies, so it is a very strong academic group. The members of the board , coming from The Main Land, Taiwang, Hongkong and Macao of China, ten of them being academician of The Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) or The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE),and others being professors or senior engineers, are all experts in the field of GE. The current chief editor is professor Zhujiang Shen, academician of CAS.

CJGE is published bimonthly in Chinese, but most of its information items including titles, contents, abstracts, key words, author address, names of tables, and names of figures etc, are presented in both Chinese and English(see our latest journal). CJGE own a large number of authors, readers and reviwers. Every year more than six hundred manuscripts are received. Every paper selected must be reviwed strictly and considered as good one by two specialists at least. Only about 30 percent manuscripts received can be selected , but there is about 40 percent papers of CJGE being supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

CJGE has been covered by Ei Page One of America and by Geotechnical Engineering International Resource Center. In China ,CJGE is also the covered journal of Chinese Academic Journal Abstract, Chinese Academic Journal(CD),and Database of Institute for Scientific Information of China. According to Chinese Journal Citation Report(CJCR), published by Institute for Scientific Information of China in 1999, CJGE is the first in structural journals and the sixty-seventh in total one thousand two hundred and eight-six journals in the order of impact factor of journal for 1998.In 1997,CJGE was awarded the second prize by China Association for Science and Technology, in 1996,CJGE was selected as an outstanding periodical in the field of hydraulic engineering, and in 1995, CJGE was selected as an excellent periodical in Jiangsu province.CJGE has been core journal of three subjects, which are architecture, hydraulic engineering and mechanics, since 1992, being one of the rare journals considered as core journal in several subjects simultaneously.

CJGE, condensing inexhaustible wisdom of Chinese experts in the field of geotechnical engineering, is the tremendous wealth of Chinese people, and should belong to the people of whole world.

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