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Hydro-Science and Engineering

Hydro-Science and Engineering (Shuili Shuiyun Gongcheng Xuebao) is a national academic journal, sponsored by Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute. The journal carries original papers on new theories, techniques, and achievements in planning, design, scientific research, construction and management in hydraulic engineering, hydroelectric engineering, ocean engineering and civil engineering.

As one of China's core journals, Hydro-Science and Engineering is indexed and abstracted by Chinese Academic Journal (CD) and Chinajournal.Net, and is selected as one of the data sources by the Database of Institute for Scientific Information of China and the Database of Comprehensive Evaluation for Chinese Academic Journals.

Hydro-Science and Engineering (ISSN 109-640X) ,started in 1979, publishes quarterlies in March, June, September and December. The journal is regarded as an excellent periodical in Jiangsu Province.

In order to develop international technical exchange and to make it convenient for overseas readers, Hydro-Science and Engineering carries English abstracts, key words, tables and figures for each paper. The journal is regularly posted to 44 overseas universities and research institutes in exchange of their publications.

Editorial Office of Hydro-Science and Engineering 34 Hujuguan, Nanjing 210024, China

Tel: +86-25-5829135

Fax: +86-25-5828888


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