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Hydrology and Water Resources Department
Hydrology and Water Resources Department

The Hydrology and Water Resources Department, founded in 1977 and originally called Nanjing Institute of Hydrology and Water Resources of the Ministry of Water Resources of China, was merged into Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute in June 2001. The Department has a total staff of 54, including 15 professor-level senior engineers, 23 senior engineers and 6 tutors for doctoral students. Approved by the State Academic Degrees Committee of China, the Department can confer doctorate and master degrees of hydrology and water resources. A national post-doctorate working station of hydrology and water resources has been established in the Department. The Department has been approved as one of the top institutions to conduct hydrology and water resources survey evaluation for construction projects. The Department is one of the main supporting units of the Research Center for Climate Change of MWR, the State Key Lab of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering, the Key Lab of Water Science and Hydraulic Engineering of MWR, and the Research Center on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering of MWR. It is the main linkage unit of China National Committee of UNESCO-IHP. The Department has made wide academic exchanges with UNESCO, WMO, IAHS, ISO, IAEA, UNDP, etc. The journal Advances in Water Science edited and published by the Department, a journal of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, is indexed by Ei Compedextm, and has won the title “The 100 Outstanding Academic Journals of China” many times.

Areas of Interest:
◆Theories and methods of hydrology;
◆Floods and droughts relief and disaster prevention and mitigation;
◆Sustainable utilization of water resources;
◆Water resources allocation and management;
◆Water environment and ecology;
◆Impact of on climate change on water resources;
◆Experimental hydrology.

Research Missions:
For 30 years, the Department has undertaken over 600 national key research programs of the China National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, China National Natural Science Foundation, the Sixth Five-Year-Plan to the Tenth Five-Year-Plan, the Eleventh Five-Year-Plan Science and Technology Support Program, the National Basic Research Program (973 Program), the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), the international cooperation of science and technology, the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as the river basins and regional areas. The researches include hydrological cycle mechanism, climate change, characteristics and law governing rain storm, runoff formation and modeling, flood forecast methodology, design flood, flood and drought disaster, planning of hydrological station network, hydrological test and measuring, numerical modeling of water quality, soil-water experiment of eco-environment, analytical theory and methodology of flood control planning for river basins and urban areas, flood forecast and pre-warning system for river basins, operation methodology and real-time operation of flood control system, flood control decision making support system, flood risk management, flood disaster assessment system, and flood control and disaster mitigation measures, assessment of water resources in China, utilization of water resources in China, national mid-term and long-term water supply and demand planning, national investigation of sewage discharge outlets of 6 river basins in China, international rivers development and management, water resources management in river basins and regions, general planning of the South to North Water Transfer Project, national ground water development and utilization planning, national integrated planning of water resources, influence of human activities on hydrological cycle and natural environment, effects of various types of engineering on water environment, dilution, diffusion and transfer laws of pollutants in water and their application in water environment analysis, prediction and treatment, 3S application in reservoir storage curve re-measurement, investigation of water and soil loss, flood and drought monitoring, groundwater topographical measurement, and water quality analysis. In addition, the Department has developed flood control decision-making support system, flood control consulting system, water resources management system and hydro-engineering information system, etc. In recent years, the Department has participated in the Chinese National Flood Prevention and Mitigation Planning, the Chinese National Water Resources Comprehensive Planning (won Dayu Water Resources Science and Technology First Grade Prize in 2007, and Chinese National Scientific Progress Second Grade Prize in 2008) as well as the technical work of modification of comprehensive planning of 7 river basins in China. The Department has won 15 Chinese National Scientific Progress Prizes and 50 Scientific Progress Second Prizes of the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources. The Department has published more than 50 books such as “Flood and Drought Disasters in China”, “Historical Large Floods in China”, “Storms in China”, “Impact of Climate Change on Hydrology and Water Resources”, “Atmospheric Process of Hydrological Circulation”, “Water Supply and Demand of China in the 21st Century”, etc.

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