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Key Special Projects of Integrated Governance of Water Resources and Hydro-Environment in Key River Basins Kicked Off and Their Implementation Plans Demonstrated
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The meeting

On Mar. 17, 2023, NHRI organized a kick-off meeting acting as an implementation plans demonstration meeting as well both online and offline (in Nanjing) for four key special projects, namely Ecological Environment Evolution and Habitat Restoration Technology and Demonstration of Reservoir Clusters in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River, Study and Demonstration of Ecological Restoration and Water and Sediment Allocation Technology in the Yellow River Delta, Development and Demonstration of On-Line Automatic Monitoring Devices for Discharge and Sediment of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, and Study on Vegetation Restoration and Hydrological Effects in the Ordos Basin, under the project of Integrated Governance of Water Resources and Hydro-Environment in Key River Basins like the Yangtze and Yellow River Basins, a National Key R&D Program in the 14th Five-year Plan period.

JIN Xuhao, Director of MWR Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, MA Hao, project manager of China 21st Century Agenda Management Center, 33 experts from the Advisory Groups (AGs) of the key special projects, composed of CAE members XIA Jun, HU Chunhong, TANG Hongwu, LI Huajun, etc., DAI Jiqun, NHRI President, TANG Yunqing, NHRI Vice President, HU Yaan, NHRI Chief Engineer and ZHU Shoufeng, NHRI institute-level leader were present at the meeting. More than 180 people, including project and sub-project leaders, representatives from participating agencies, technical backbones and relevant NHRI management staff, attended the meeting. ZHU and HU chaired the kick-off meeting and implementation plans demonstration meeting, respectively.

DAI made a speech on behalf of the projects supporting institution at the kick-off meeting. He expressed that NHRI would strictly comply with relevant management regulations and requirements on integrated organization and implementation of the national key R&D program, earnestly fulfill the legal person responsibilities of the institution undertaking the projects, and strengthen the whole process management, supervision and inspection of the projects, to safeguard the all-around achievement of the assignments and targets of the projects and provide solid theoretical and technical support for ensuring water security in key river basins such as the Yangtze and Yellow River Basins and implementing high-level scientific and technological self-reliance. MA and JIN, on behalf of the professional agency of projects management and water industry authority, made explicit requirements on the implementation management of the key special projects, the promotion of industrial technology innovation, and the support to high-quality development of water industry, respectively. TANG read out the appointment documents of the AGs at the meeting. Four special project leaders, CHEN Qiuwen, LU Yongjun, LIU Jiufu and BAO Zhenxin respectively made introductions on the general situations and implementation plans of their projects.

Right after the kick-off meeting, the implementation plan demonstration meetings of the projects and sub-projects were parallel held, where project and sub-project leaders introduced the overall targets, key scientific and technological problems to be solved, major assignments, indicators for performance appraisal, implementation plans and work schedules. After sufficient discussions on the scientificity, advancement, rationality and feasibility of the key technical problems to be involved by the projects and sub-projects, the AGs gave concrete opinions and suggestions. Such matters as how to effectively strengthen project integrated implementation and management, assignments connection of sub-projects, project data sharing and exchange, communications of major issues were also discussed. The meeting has laid an important foundation for further improvement of the project implementation plans, promotion of the orderly implementation of research assignments, and smooth achievement of project targets.

Since the beginning the 14th Five-Year Plan period, NHRI has continued to strengthen organized scientific research, focusing on major national scientific and technological needs, adhering to the "Four Orientations", and striving to undertake key special projects of major technologies and equipment development, such as Integrated Governance of Water Resources and Hydro-Environment in Key River Basins like the Yangtze and Yellow River Basins, Major Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Public Security, and Transportation infrastructure. Nine projects with 28 sub-projects in total have been funded, which have laid a solid foundation for NHRI to accelerate high-quality development and continuously improve the ability to serve national strategic science and technology. NHRI has attached great importance to the organization and management of key special projects, and adjusted or established the general and individual management offices for special projects. AGs and research and financial assistants have been provided for each project. Through comprehensive coordination and supervision of project implementation, NHRI strives to make breakthroughs in some major scientific issues and key technologies, and make new contributions to the implementation of the national major strategies and the high-quality development of water resources, transportation and energy industries.

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