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Project of Key Technology and Equipment for Rapid Diagnosis, Prevention and Control of Natural Disaster Damages in Reservoir and Dam System Kicked off and Its Implementation Plan Demonstrated
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Recently, NHRI organized a kick-off meeting acting as an implementation plan demonstration meeting as well both online and offline (in Nanjing) for the project of Key Technology and Equipment for Rapid Diagnosis, Prevention and Control of Natural Disaster Damages in Reservoir and Dam System, a key special project under the National Key R&D Program in the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

An Advisory Group (AG), composed of nine well-known experts including former MWR Chief Engineer WANG Hong and CAE members ZHANG Jianyun, KONG Xianjing, DENG Mingjiang and ZHANG Zongliang, was set up for the project at the meeting. JIN Xuhao, Director of MWR Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology and HU Yaan, NHRI Chief Engineer and CAE member were present at the meeting. The meeting witnessed the attendance of more than 70 people in total, including SHENG Jinbao, Chief Scientist of the project, leaders from NHRI relevant management and research departments, sub-project leaders and technical backbones.

JIN, on behalf of competent department of water industry, put forward his explicit requirements on the implementation management of the key special project and leading of industrial technology innovation and progress. HU made a speech on behalf of the project undertaker, expressing that NHRI would strictly comply with relevant management regulations and requirements on the integrated organization and implementation of the national key R & D program, earnestly fulfill the legal person responsibilities of the institution undertaking the project, continue to prioritize building the national strategic scientific and technological strength and serving the high-quality development of water sector, and actively tackle the core technologies and equipment for the nation, to safeguard the all-around achievement of the assignments and targets of the project and to provide solid theoretical and technical support for ensuring the national water security.

The project is led by NHRI, with participation of several organizations, such as Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Inc., Wuhan University, China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, Changjiang Survey, Planning and Design Co., Ltd., Hohai University, China Ship Science Research Center, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Huaneng Engineering Safety Technology Co., Ltd. SHENG made a report on the overall situation and the research and development ideas of the project, and the 5 sub-project leaders respectively made reports on such issues as research status, research idea and implementation plan, support to the project and expected results. The AG gave specific opinions and suggestions after sufficient discussion on the scientificity, advancement, rationality and feasibility of key technical issues to be tackled by the project, and unanimously approved the implementation plan after demonstration. The project team also discussed and exchanged views on how to effectively strengthen the integrated implementation and management of the project, the connection of the project tasks, the sharing and exchange of the project data, and the communication of major issues. The meeting laid an important foundation for further improving the project research implementation plan, promoting the orderly implementation of research tasks and ensuring the smooth realization of the project objectives.

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