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Vehicle-Mounted Equipment for Rapid Detection of Dike Risks and Hidden Dangers Makes Its Debut in 2022 National Comprehensive Exercise of Yangtze River Flood Control and Emergency Rescue
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On May 31, 2022, a complete set of vehicle-mounted equipment for rapid detection of dike risks and hidden dangers (Nanshui I series - Kunning), led by NHRI in research and development, made its debut in the 2022 National comprehensive exercise of the Yangtze River flood control and emergency rescue. The exercise was sponsored by State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters and Hubei Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters. ZHOU Xuewen, deputy minister of emergency management and water resources, commanded the exercise at the scene. The subjects of the exercise included water rescue, dike patrol inspection, polder embankment reinforcement, passageway repair, emergency drainage, and breach blocking.

At the invitation of Hubei Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, NHRI team participated in the exercise subject of dike patrol inspection with the equipment. At the exercise site, the vehicle-mounted dike inspection equipment was deployed immediately after receiving order, with a comprehensive detection command vehicle patrolling dike crest and unmanned vehicle group checking the dangerous situations at dike toe. Detection results were transmitted to command center in real time through high-speed communication for timely forecast and pre-warning of potential risks and dangers of the dike.

Supported by the first batch of Research and Development Projects of Urgently-Needed Equipment for Flood Control and Risk Rescue released by Ministry of Emergency Management, China with “an open competition mechanism to select the best candidate to lead key research projects”, the project team is led by NHRI with joint participation of Nanjing LES Information Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing University, and Guangzhou Hi Target Co., Ltd. The equipment set consists of a comprehensive detection command vehicle and unmanned vehicle group for dike inspection, using innovative time-variable and transient electromagnetic wave technology to detect internal hidden dangers, integrating vehicle-mounted 3D laser system and panoramic camera of cloud platform to diagnose external dangers, which can predict the risks of a dike of 100 m long by quick identification of piping, seepage and bank collapse, making emergency rescue and flood control more proactive and efficient.

Through this exercise, the research team strengthened the sense of responsibility and urgency of flood control and emergency rescue, and clarified the direction of follow-up optimization of the equipment, which was tested in practice. Adhering to the targets of “No casualty, no breach of reservoir dam and important dikes, and no impacts on important infrastructure ” and assurance of urban and rural water supply safety, and taking the four measures of “prediction, early warning, rehearsal and  emergency planning” as benchmarks, the team will continue to overcome difficulties, and speed up the transformation of research achievements into products, to provide core technology and equipment for the prevention of floods and droughts disasters.

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