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Project of Safeguard Technology and Equipment Research and Development for Dangerous Situations Disposal and Utilization of Barrier Dams Passes Performance Evaluation
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On Mar. 11-12, 2022, NHRI organized a performance evaluation meeting online and onsite for the project of Safeguard Technology and Equipment Research and Development for Dangerous Situations Disposal and Utilization of Barrier Dams under the National Key R&D Program in the 13th Five-year Plan period. An expert panel headed by CAE member LI Shucai was established for the meeting. NHRI Vice President DAI Jiqun made a speech at the meeting. More than 70 people attended the meeting, including CAE member and project leader ZHANG Zongliang, subject leaders, technical backbones, and other relevant NHRI management staff.

Led by NHRI and comprised of 6 subjects, the project saw three years of joint research participated by 9 other domestic institutions, including POWERCHINA Kunming Engineering Co., Ltd., Hohai University, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Tsinghua University, POWERCHINA Sinohydro Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., Wuhan University, Sichuan University, POWERCHINA Chengdu Engineering Co., Ltd., and Changjiang Surveying, Planning, Design and Research Co., Ltd.

At the meeting, ZHANG, project leader, introduced the project overview and overall implementation, and then respective subject leaders made detailed reports on subject overview, implementation, major achievements and their applications, and fund expenditure. The panel carefully reviewed relevant documents and considered, after inquiries and discussions, that the scheduled tasks and performance indicators had been achieved. The panel believed that each subject had done well in organization, management and talent training, and fund been used reasonably. It was considered that each subject had reached its expectations, thus contributing to the realization of overall project goals. It was unanimously agreed that all the subjects passed the performance evaluation.

Focusing on major scientific and technological needs, such as the disposal of dangerous situations, development and utilization engineering construction, and long-term safe operation of barrier dams, the project has revealed the evolution mechanism of barrier dams formed by the dynamic instability of high slopes, and long-term working behavior evolution and spatial variation of barrier dams, proposed a series of technologies, such as space-earth integrated detection technology for abnormal deformation of barrier dams and high slopes, exploration and design technology for development and utilization of barrier dams, special technology for anti-seepage treatment and curtain grouting of barrier bodies, and integrated monitoring technology for a whole-life cycle of barrier bodies - high slopes, developed special equipment for the detection and testing of accumulated materials with an ultra wide scope of gradings and for the regulation of barrier dams exceeding 100 meters high with complex geological conditions, and a full-professional Hydro-BIM collaborative design and safe operation management and control platform for barrier dams, and constructed an integrated technical system of "emergency rescue- subsequent disposal-comprehensive development" for barrier dams. Relevant technical achievements have been successfully applied in the regulating project of the Hongshiyan Barrier Dam, providing technical support for the dangerous situations disposal, development and utilization assessment, exploration and design, integrated regulation and safety evaluation of follow-up barrier dams, with remarkable social and economic benefits, and broad application prospects.

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