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NHRI Teamwork of Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project Highly Praised by Owner
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Video Meeting

On-site Meeting

Awarding Ceremony

On January 9, 2021, the 2020 Annual Construction Meeting of the Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project was held in Nansha New District, Guangzhou. There were 33 organizations involved in the project construction participated in the meeting for their work assessment. NHRI President CHEN Shengshui and Vice President DAI Jiqun led teams participating in the meeting through video and on-site methods, respectively. At the meeting, the annual work of NHRI safety monitoring and quality consulting for the project were reported. NHRI teamwork of the Pearl River Delta Water Resources Allocation Project was highly praised by the owner. Following the honorary titles of “Excellent Service Organizations of the Year 2019” and “Ten Models of the Year 2019”, NHRI won the honorary title of “Excellent Service Organizations of the Year 2020”. Besides, NHRI's leader of safety monitoring and chief engineer of quality consulting for the project both won the award of “Ten Models of the Year 2020”.

President CHEN Shengshui pointed out at the video meeting that NHRI had attached great importance to the safety monitoring of the project, and organized meetings studying the problems in the project implementation process regularly. Besides, members of the leading group and expert group visited the project site every quarter checking the progress of the project implementation and providing guidance for solving related technical problems, which provided strong technical support for ensuring the quality and safety of the project construction. President CHEN also said that NHRI would continue to give full play to its advantages of professional technology and talents in safety monitoring of “inspecting design, ensuring safety and guiding construction”, strengthen the whole-process management of the project organization and implementation, so as to make its contributions to achieving the project construction goals.

Vice President DAI Jiqun pointed out at the on-site meeting that NHRI project team had focused on the key aspects of the project construction and engineering difficulties, and given full play to the interdisciplinary advantages of the institute. In the past year, some well-known experts in the industry were invited to carry out quality consultation and technical guidance through various methods such as unannounced inspections, providing high-quality consulting services to ensure the project construction quality. In the future, NHRI will continue to increase related input and strengthen organization and coordination to provide more powerful support with focus on the key tasks of engineering research innovation.

Directors of NHRI Research Management Department, Geotechnical Engineering Department, Materials and Structural Engineering Department, Nanjing Automation Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydrology of MWR, and Jiangsu Kexing Engineering Construction Supervision Company, and team members attended the meeting through video and on-site methods.

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