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NHRI Delegation Led by President CHEN Shengshui Visits China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance and Design Institute Co., Ltd.
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The meeting

On Sep. 3, 2020, NHRI delegation composed of President CHEN Shengshui, Vice President DAI Jiqun and Chief Engineer DOU Xiping visited China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance and Design Institute Co., Ltd. (BRDI). BRDI President and CAE Academician QIN Shunquan, General Manager TIAN Daoming, Chief Engineering GAO Zongyu et al. had a meeting with the delegation.

Academician QIN expressed his warm welcome to the delegation, and reviewed the cooperation between BRDI and NHRI over the years. He spoke highly of the rigorous work style and professionalism of researchers throughout history at our institute, and put forward comments and suggestions on summarizing and condensing the achievements of the cooperation projects between the two parties in recent years, constructing and operating bridges and cluster field scientific observation stations, and jointly applying for national major research projects.

President CHEN Shengshui expressed his gratitude to BRDI for its long-term trust in and support to NHRI, and introduced the recent research progress of the cooperative projects with BRDI, fully agreed with Academician Qin's comments and suggestions on the next step of cooperation between the two parties, and proposed concrete implementation measures. He pointed out that the construction of field scientific observation stations was an important measure for the nation to enhance its scientific and technological innovation capabilities. He also hoped that BRDI would actively participate in the construction and operation of field scientific observation station related to cross-river and cross-sea channels built by NHRI, work together to ensure the safety of cross-river and cross-sea channels with the help of detailed in-situ observation data, verify the new theories and new technologies of bridge design and construction, and answer questions concerned by experts and the public. President CHEN also put forward his opinions and suggestions on deepening cooperation, expanding cooperation areas and establishing an efficient cooperation and exchange mechanism.

NHRI Vice President DAI Jiqun and Chief Engineer DOU Xiping exchanged their ideas on the joint construction of transportation industry technology platform with BRDI by giving full play to our research advantages in transportation industry, and the cooperation of major major cross-river and cross-sea channel projects to provide better scientific and technological support for the construction of major transportation projects. General Manager TIAN Daoming, Chief Engineer GAO Zongshe et al. respectively discussed the research progress of cross-river and cross-sea channels and bridges projects and the establishment of a normalized cooperation mechanism to further deepen the cooperation.

Relevant leaders and experts from NHRI departments attended the meeting and discussion.

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