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2020 QMS Management Review Meeting Held at NHRI
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The Meeting

On July 20, NHRI organized a yearly management review meeting of NHRI (inclusive of MWR Capital Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Center and NHRI Experiment Center) Quality Management System (QMS). President CHEN Shengshui chaired the meeting, and a total of more than 50 staff, including top leaders of the Institute and its departments attended the meeting.

Relevant department leaders made reports on the QMS operation, regarding the achievement of the department quality goals in 2019, problems found in internal and external audits and their rectification and improvement suggestions of the existing problems of the QMS. Prof. ZHANG Weimin, internal audit team leader, introduced the internal and external quality audits of NHRI QMS in 2019 from the aspects of the organization of internal audit work, major problems found in internal audit, and other problems and improvement suggestions of quality management.

Vice President DAI Jiqun, management representative, made a comprehensive summarization of the QMS operation in 2019, analyzed the major problems existed in the QMS, and proposed suggestions on the arrangement of key work in the next stage. Participants put forward specific opinions and suggestions on how to further strengthen the QMS operation and improve research quality based on actuality.

DUAN Hong, Party Secretary, also analyzed the major problems found in internal audit, and gave opinions on further improvement. The first is to strengthen quality awareness, establish a sound reward and punishment system, and incorporate the review results into the evaluation, appointment and integrity system of a department and its researchers. The second is to do a good job in rectification, draw inferences about the problems found in internal audit, check for omissions, and avoid the recurrence of similar problems. The third is to strengthen the process control and responsibility and awareness of the first review quality control, conduct dynamic analysis of problems found in internal audits in recent years, and improve related systems of early warning and management control.

President CHEN fully affirmed the achievements of quality management in 2019, and made an overall deployment and put forward clear requirements of the next quality management work in his concluding speech. The first is all departments shall hold special meetings to conduct special research on the problems found in internal audit to further enhance staff's quality awareness. The second is to strictly control the quality of research results, improve the review process of research reports, give full play to the roles of chief engineers and senior experts in respective departments, strengthen the review of results reports, and improve the quality of results reports. The third is to strengthen the management of laboratories (test halls) and equipment, earnestly implement the three management regulations issued, and introduce department management rules based on actual conditions to ensure that equipment management and sharing meet relevant requirements. The fourth is to study and formulate an accountability system for research results quality accidents, and strengthen the risk awareness, responsibility awareness and red line awareness of all the staff at the Institute regarding research quality. The fifth is to strengthen the quality management team and capacity building, and actively adopt a variety of measures to carry out regular inspection and supervision of research quality to ensure the effective operation of QMS.

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