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MWR Public-Good Research Project “Simulation and Comprehensive Response of Group Failure of Cascade Reservoirs in the Huaihe River” Accepted
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On January 11, 2018, MWR Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology hosted an acceptance meeting of MWR Public-Good Research Project “Simulation and Comprehensive Response of Group Failure of Cascade Reservoirs in the Huaihe River" (Project No.: 201401027) in Beijing, which was undertaken by Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI), Hydrology Bureau (Information Center) of Huaihe River Water Resources Commission, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Three Gorges University. The expert panel consisted of experts with Hohai University, MWR Bureau of South to North Water Transfer of Planning, Design and Management, Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute, Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research, Beijing Institute of Water Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Three Gorges Corporation, General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design, and MWR Water Transfer Bureau. Project leader LI Yun, Vice President of NHRI and related researchers of the project team attended the meeting.

Based on theoretical analyses, physical model tests and numerical simulation, this project has obtained three basic impact modes of dam-breach flood in cascade reservoirs, the process of dam-breach flood evolution, the influence of upstream reservoir flood on downstream reservoirs, and flood wave superimposition effect. The scope and time of submergence and losses caused by flooding have been presented due to the cascade reservoir breaches in the Huaihe River. Based on the results of dam breach flood simulation analysis of cascade reservoirs, comprehensive countermeasures suitable to flooded area have been put forward. The main innovative achievements of the project are as follows: (1) The evolution mode and evolution mechanism of dam breach flood in downstream reservoirs and the formation mechanism of flood surge are revealed, the calculation model of wave load on dam surface constructed, and the corresponding wave climbing and wave load calculation formula presented; (2) Through physical model tests and numerical simulation, the evolvement characteristics of cascade dam breach flood of reservoir group in the Pihe River are simulated comprehensively, the hydraulic characteristic values of the dam breach flood under various working conditions obtained, and flood superposition effect analyzed; (3) Based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP), a safety assessment indicator system and reservoir collective response systems of dam breach are constructed. During the implementation of the project, the project team has published 31 articles in total, obtained 4 software copyrights, 3 national invention patents and 1 utility model patent. 9 postgraduates and 5 technical backbones have been trained through this project. The research achievements of the project have been applied in institutions such as Flood Control and Drought Relief Office of Huaihe River Water Resources Commission, Hydrology Bureau of Anhui Province and Hydrology Bureau of Lu'an City, achieving significant social and security benefits.

The acceptance expert panel carefully listened to the report of the achievements, and unanimously agreed that the project team had completed on schedule the contents of the work specified in the mission statement, achieved the expected goals, obtained rich results and made outstanding progress. The project passed the acceptance with an excellent overall score.

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