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Key Technology of River Water-Sediment Dynamic Observation and Simulation
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The construction of the golden trunk waterway of the Yangtze River should be technically supported by scientific research, which is mainly dependent on the means of water-sediment observation and simulation. Though the observation and simulation technology is becoming increasingly mature, a lot of unresolved issues still remain in the study of waterway regulation engineering of the Yangtze River. As the golden waterway regulation of the Yangtze River is conducted further and the waterway keeps upgraded, the waterway regulation is gradually changing from the past regulation of a single shoal or local river reach to the systematic regulation of long river reach. Hence, the key technical problems of water-sediment dynamic observation and simulation will become increasingly prominent. Many research results differ greatly from the actual situation, affecting the improvement of carrying capacity of the golden waterway.

The research project, a major science and technology special project of the Ministry of Transport, has systematically studied the key technical problems of water-sediment observation, and numerical and physical modelling involved in the golden waterway regulation engineering of the Yangtze River by means of theoretical analysis, field tests, in-door flume experiments and mathematical model calculation. The research findings have direct instruction role for the regulation engineering, generating huge economic and social benefits by upgrading the carrying capacity of the waterway, improving the technical level of river water-sediment measurement and simulation of China, completing the related theory and technical system of river dynamics and waterway regulation, as well as promoting the technical innovation and progress of waterway regulation, hence with important academic value and theoretical significance.

1. Major Innovative Achievements

In respect of water-sediment measurement, a bed load transport monitor has been developed for the field measurement of plain rivers, river estuaries and coasts with features of all weather, automation, continuity, real time, and less interference of navigation conditions. The heat sensitive shear stress meter used in aerodynamic measurement of shear stress has been applied in flow shear stress measurement under the action of wave and current. A non-contact topographic meter has been developed with integration of laser technology and ultrasonic technology, achieving the automatic switching measurement of physical model topography over and under water.

In respect of numerical modeling of waterway regulation of long river reach, the mechanic mode suitable for the lateral erosion collapse of binary structure banks and shoals in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River has been proposed, and a 3D water-sediment dynamic numerical model under the interaction of vertical erosion and deposition of river course and transverse deformation of riverbed constructed. The response relation between the characteristic flow duration threshold and typical riverbed deformation has been determined, and the length requirement and combination rule of water-sediment series for the waterway regulation study of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River proposed for the first time. A 2D water-sediment numerical model for the upper and middle reaches (Shuifu-Hukou) and lower reaches (Hukou-the Yangtze River estuary) and a 3D water-sediment numerical model for local reaches have been established.

In respect of physical modeling of waterway regulation of long river reach, new types of expanded perlite model sand and biomass (synthetic) model sand have been developed. The control measure, based on water-sediment condition generalization, has been proposed for the first time, to reduce the time scale distortion impact of long river reach sediment physical model, and the correlation between the comprehensive factors of river reach and unsteady flow impact time established. The impacts and limitation conditions of gravity similarity deviation of water-sediment movement of the river bend in physical model have been proposed, and the principles to be followed in physical modelling of shoal cluster management of long river reach proposed for the first time from the perspective of model design theory and experimental techniques.

In respect of physical modeling of waterway regulation of tidal river reach, the uniform starting velocity formula of natural sand and model sand has been adopted in the selection of model sand for the first time, and the resistance similarity and control boundary conditions of movable-bed physical model of long tidal river reach proposed in the model design with consideration of river bed formation by suspended load near the bottom.

In respect of physical modeling of waterway regulation and protection structures, the application condition and model design method of series normal models or large scale distorted models have been proposed in the study of local scouring of structures, and a density-adjustable protection engineering simulation material developed. The generalization simulation of flexible mattress connection and binding and the impacts of geometric similarity deviation on mattress simulation have been revealed.

2. Academic Outputs and Third Party Evaluation

8 ground-breaking original results and 3 integrated innovative results have been achieved through this research project, with 17 patents authorized, 188 papers (including 98 retrieved) and 3 books published, 8 software copyrights granted, and 16 students for master and doctor degrees cultivated.

In April 2015, experts were organized by the Management Center of Western Transportation Construction Science and Technology Projects, appraising the research findings of the project. The appraisal statement was that the research findings had reached the international leading level in general with innovativeness, practicability, remarkable economic and social benefits and broad application prospect.

The research findings won the First Prize of 2015 Science and Technology Progress Award of China Water Transportation Construction Association.

3. Application Promotion and Comprehensive Benefits

The research findings have been applied in the waterway regulation engineering for the Yangtze River reach between Xiangjiaba and Lanjiatuo, Chongqing, back water zone of the Three Gorges Project, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, providing technical support for engineering feasibility study, preliminary design and construction drawing design, which have played decisive and key roles in river bed evolution tendency analysis, determination of waterway regulation thinking, arrangement of regulation engineering, formulation of maintenance and dredging schemes, improvement of engineering efficiency and quality in engineering design, construction and operational maintenance and engineering investment saving. Therefore, great economic benefit has been achieved, and relevant technical findings have obtained the technical promotion certificates of transportation construction.

Related findings have enriched and completed the river water-sediment observation technology, physical modelling theory and experimental techniques, numerical simulation theory and computation method, and facilitated the disciplinary development of water-sediment dynamics and improvement of port and waterway engineering technical level. They have significant application value for other rivers regulation in China, and have played an important role in keeping the continuous international leadership in the field of waterway regulation study, especially in the study of sediment fundamental theory and simulation.

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