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NHRI Advice Selected as One of Top 10 Frontier Scientific Issues in 2020
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On August 15, 2020, the China Association for Science and Technology officially announced 10 scientific issues which guide scientific development and 10 engineering challenges which are critical to technology and industry at the closing ceremony of its 22nd Annual Meeting. Recommended by Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, Academician ZHANG Jianyun, and Professors WANG Yintang, HU Qingfang and JIN Junliang put forward an advice on How to Optimize the Carrying Capacity of Water Resources in China under Changing Environment to Achieve Healthy Regional Water Balance, which was selected as one of top 10 frontier scientific issues, and also the first one in the field of water resources.

Water resources are basic natural resources, strategic economic resources and the controlling elements of ecological environment. China is of special geographical and climatic conditions, a large population and low water resources per capita. And the distribution of water resources in time and space is extremely uneven, which is severely unmatched with other natural resources, population and economy. China is confronted with the most complex and challenging water problems among all the countries in the world. Water resources have become a vital factor restricting the high-quality development of Chinese economy and society. Implementing rigid constraints of water resources and achieving healthy regional water balance are one of the basic prerequisites for safeguarding water security and comprehensive national territory security. This is also an urgent need for promoting ecological civilization construction and achieving high-quality development.

By fully analyzing the national development strategic needs and international academic advances, Academician ZHANG Jianyun and his colleagues summed up scientific problems elaborately. They stated the complex interactions and feedbacks among water resources, ecological environment and social economy under changing environment. At the same time, they further analyzed the key problems and difficulties, such as the description of regional water balance state and its relationship with water resources carrying capacity, the dynamic evolution and regulation of regional water balance and water resources carrying capacity under changing environment, and the construction path of healthy regional water balance. Furthermore, they put forward related suggestions including setting up special projects for systematic and in-depth research, speeding up the construction of intelligent regulatory service system for water resources carrying capacity, strengthening and improving policies, systems and measures for water resources rigid constraint, improving the construction of interdisciplinary subjects and cultivating interdisciplinary talents, etc. On the above-mentioned basis, Academician ZHANG Jianyun and other experts wrote relevant popular science articles and international advances analysis reports on the problems. The advices proposed by sci-tech workers will be reported by the China Association for Science and Technology in the form of internal reference to provide support for the national strategic decision-making.

In order to judge the future trend of science and technology development, grasp the breakthroughs of scientific and technological innovation and make foresight planning and layout of cutting-edge science and technology fields and directions, the China Association for Science and Technology have been continuously collecting “Major scientific problems and engineering technical challenges” from a wide range of sci-tech workers since 2018. This event has been organized 3 times with increasing influence. In 2020, the China Association for Science and Technology collected 490 advices on frontier scientific and engineering technical problems, which experienced the preliminary online evaluation by 18864 sci-tech workers including 112 academicians, Changjiang scholars and outstanding youth scientists. And a total of 79 advices were short-listed for review. Finally, the Academic Committee of Final Review consisting of 36 academicians selected top 10 scientific issues and top 10 engineering challenges. These frontier scientific and engineering problems are innovative, leading and forward-looking for future development. They are of great significance to make the scientific and technological development plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan period and guide Chinese sci-tech workers to face the frontiers of the world, fully grasp the national ecological civilization construction and strategic needs, identify major scientific issues that are fundamental and overall, and promote China to step toward a scientific and technological power in the world.

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