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Series Report 1 from Flood Control Front: NHRI Experts Play a Vanguard and Exemplary Role in Flood Control in Zhenjiang
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NHRI experts exchange views with CAO Lihong, Deputy Mayor of Zhenjiang, and other leaders on flooding risks disposal


NHRI experts give emergency response suggestions on site

The Yangtze River reach across the city of Zhenjiang is with influx of many tributaries. Since the flood season began in 2020, the dikes along the reach, with complex and poor geological conditions, have long faced a grave flood control situation with a continuing high water level. On July 15, 2020, in response to the request of Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Jiangsu Province, NHRI sent two senior experts, KE Minyong and MA Fuheng, to Zhenjiang, participating in the guidance of flood control. They gave full play to their expertise, and bore hardships of fatigue and non-stop work, providing important scientific and technological support for the flood control in Zhenjiang.

On July 16, NHRI experts, together with relevant heads from Jiangsu Provincial Department of Natural Resources, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Water Resources, Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Bureau and administrative departments of Zhenjiang City, successively went to the dike sites at Jiangxinzhou in Dantu District and Xinminzhou in Jingkou District, investigating the current flooding situation and risks disposal under high water level conditions. In view of flooding risks in many places, NHRI experts put forward a number of emergency response suggestions.

On July 17, NHRI experts, together with Jiangsu Provincial Flood Control Supervision Team and relevant administrative department heads of Zhenjiang, went to Yuke Village, Xiashu Town, Lanjiang Village, Daiqiao Town, and Ersheng Reservoir in the city of Jurong. They braved the storm, checking the dikes, reservoirs and responses to flooding risks under high water level conditions, and then gave full play to their expertise and put forward suggestions to improve the scheme on handling flooding threats.

On July 18, NHRI experts participated in the video conference of flood regulation of the Yangtze River and Taihu Lake convened by Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Jiangsu Province. After the conference, they immediately followed the Supervision Team and relevant administrative department heads of Zhenjiang, and went to check the Bafenzi sub-dike and main dike in the Hi-tech District of Zhenjiang, dike of the Yunliang River along the Longmengang Road, and dike at the factory of Jiangsu Shenghua Shipbuilding Company. When finding inappropriate emergency responses at the Bafenzi sub-dike, NHRI experts put forward a preliminary disposal scheme on the spot. On that afternoon, with raining weather and muddy roads, they rushed to meet relevant heads of the High-tech District on site. Together they improved the emergency response scheme and guided its implementation on site. Dripping wet, NHRI experts still fought on the flood control front. After overnight disposal, flooding risks were under control. The government leaders of Zhenjiang City spoke highly of NHRI experts.

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