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MWR Engineering Quality Inspection Center and NHRI Experimental Center Pass National Qualification Accreditation Review on Testing Items Expansion
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According to the qualification accreditation review arrangement of the State Administration for Market Regulation, on Nov. 22-25, 2020, 8 experts of Water Resources Review Team of China Metrology Accreditation carried out on-site national qualification accreditation review on testing items expansion of MWR Engineering Quality Inspection Center and NHRI Experimental Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Centers").

The review team listened to the reports on the basic situation, management system operation, testing item expansion preparation, and new testing items parameters planning of the Centers, investigated testing facilities and environmental conditions, inspected the storage, use and verification/calibration of testing equipment and measuring instruments, checked personnel files, new items parameters development records, new testing instrument and equipment ledger, and new testing standards, conducted discussion with and assessment on a total of 31 people from the Centers’ management and key posts including authorized signatories, and selected 62 parameters in 33 categories for on-site operation assessment in the form of personnel comparison, instrument and equipment comparison, testing witness, reports verification, etc. After on-site inspection and assessment, the review team believed that the quality management system established by the Centers could operate effectively, the expanded items parameters in the application were suitable for a third-party fair testing, the assessment results of all parameter testing operations met the requirements of corresponding standards, regulations and specifications, instrument and  equipment and authorized signatories were capable to meet testing requirements, and the Centers were capable of the third-party fair testing of 332 parameters in 33 categories including geosynthetics, concrete, structures and components, bridges, tunnels and metal structures. The team agreed to pass the national qualification accreditation review on testing items expansion, and would report to the State Administration for Market Regulation for review and approval.

After passing the national qualification accreditation review on testing items expansion, the testing capability of NHRI Centers will be greatly expanded from 470 parameters in 28 categories to 802 parameters in 47 categories, covering MWR's 5 Grade A testing qualifications of “Geotechnical Engineering, Concrete Engineering, Metal Structure, Machinery and Electronics, and Measurement" and the Ministry of Transport's 2 Grade A testing qualifications of "Water Transport Materials and Structures” and 1 special testing qualification of “Bridges and Tunnels”, which has laid a solid foundation for supporting NHRI’s qualification maintenance and expansion of testing items of water resources and transport engineering and helping researchers to undertake relevant testing projects.

DAI Jiqun, Vice President of NHRI and Director of the Centers, said at the review meeting that the Centers would carefully study and implement rectification measures based on the rectification opinions and suggestions put forward by the review experts, continuously increase support for testing, standardize management, improve testing environment, and strengthen personnel training, so as to comprehensively improve the overall strength and testing level of the Centers and effectively provide strong technical support for ensuring the construction quality and safe operation of major projects.

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