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NHRI Participates in 2020 China Water Expo and 15th China International Water Summit Forum
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Leaders and Guests of the Opening Ceremony Visit NHRI Booth

On October 28-29, 2020, the 2020 China Water Expo and the 15th China International Water Summit Forum, co-sponsored by the Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES) and China Water Engineering Association (CWEA), were successfully held at Nanjing International Exhibition Center. CHENG Dianlong, Chief Economist of the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR), attended on behalf of MWR, announcing the opening of the Expo and giving an important speech at the subsequent Forum. Academician ZHANG Jianyun, Vice Chairman of CHES and Honorary President of NHRI, and SUN Jichang, Chairman of CWEA, delivered speeches on behalf of the organizers. FENG Lanxiao, Vice President of China Unicom's Government and Enterprise Customer Business Group, delivered a speech on behalf of exhibitors. TANG Xinhua, Secretary-General of CHES, presided over the opening ceremony. DUAN Hong, Party Secretary of NHRI, attended the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, CHENG Dianlong, and other leaders and guests who attended the opening ceremony, visited NHRI booth. In order to fully demonstrate the scientific and technological innovation achievements of NHRI, the institute actively organized research departments and institute-affiliated enterprises participating in the exhibition. Nearly 30 research results and complete sets of techniques and equipment, which had supported the general tone of water reform and development, and national economic and social development in recent years, had been selected and highlighted in various forms such as system interactive demonstration, instrument and equipment exhibition, and posters. A full range of publicity was carried out from the aspects of discipline development, major achievements, self-developed equipment and new materials, covering the fields of hydrology and water resources, hydraulic engineering and hydraulics, rivers and coasts, materials and structures, geotechnical engineering, dam safety, rural water conservancy, ecological environment, smart water conservancy, small hydropower technology, and integrated demonstration projects. Several NHRI platforms and systems with integration of many successful application cases, such as "Smart Flood Control System Platform", "Joint Control and Joint Adjustment System for Flood Control and Water Environment Improvement of Urban River Network", " Big Data Platform of River and Lake Water Environment Model ", " Big Data Service Platform of Reservoir Dam Safety and Smart Management", fulfilled interactive demonstrations at the Expo, attracting lots of participants’ inquiries and in-depth exchanges. Many peers in water industry visited NHRI booth, and more new partners got to know NHRI, which further expanded the influence of NHRI.

Participants Visit NHRI Booth

Since its establishment in 2006, the Expo has been held for 15 consecutive sessions. It is a comprehensive service platform built by CHES that integrates policy, industry, education, research and application. It has been fully affirmed by MWR leaders and highly praised within and outside water industry. As a main organizer of the Expo, NHRI has helped the successful convention of the Expo for five consecutive years.

Panel Discussion at Sub-Forum

Focusing on the theme of "Integrating industry, education and research, and building shared happiness rivers" of the 15th China International Water Summit Forum, participants conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions on topics such as smart water conservancy, polluted water treatment and ecological restoration, river and lake ecological flow, and beautiful river and lake construction that were of widespread concern to the whole society. Academician ZHANG Jianyun, Honorary President of NHRI, delivered an invited report titled Understanding and Thinking of Smart Water Conservancy at the Smart Water Conservancy Sub-Forum. NHRI and the Jiangsu Hydraulic Engineering Society jointly hosted a sub-forum on polluted water treatment and ecological restoration technology with the theme of "Protecting rivers and lakes health and promoting harmony between people and water". NHRI Vice President LI Yun gave a report titled River and Lake Health Evaluation System and Management Decision Support Research under the Background of River and Lake Chief System-Evaluation Guidelines.

In the sub-forum, participants carried out thorough exchanges on the topics of comprehensive water environment treatment techniques and applications, such as pollution source control and interception, river channel improvement, water system connection, hydrodynamic regulation, ecological restoration, etc., which were widely concerned by the society. The sub-forum had important reference significance for accelerating the comprehensive treatment of water environment throughout the country, particularly for speeding up the comprehensive improvement of black and smelly urban water bodies, improving non-point source pollution control and water environment ecological restoration and governance, and further promoting the construction of national ecological progress.

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